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Soft-boards or foamies as they are often called are the perfect board to learn to surf on, they’ll take you through the basic stages of paddling, catching waves, popping to your feet and also getting basic turns sorted out. Foamie surfboards are perfect for men, ladies and kids, the soft deck reduces the chances of hurting yourself and so helps to build water confidence in all age groups.


The Ribeye is top of the tree within the Surf Worx range, in line with the highest quality foam surfboards out there, double resin dipped stringers, FCS compatible fin boxes and a bullet proof construction.


Versatile in all conditions the UK has to offer, this foamie is a perfect summer or winter board.


DIMENSIONS: 8' 0" x 22" 7/16 x 3 1/4" - 86 Litres

If you would like to rent this board just send us an email with the boards name and we will get back to you!

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