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'How safe are my boards in the office? What security do you have in place?'

Our office is manned every day and securely locked with no access other than the one member of staff that works in the office daily.


The workspace is then locked up as well with 24/7 security cameras and the whole complex is within a locked gated compound with no vehicle access during out of office hours.


All products are protected under our insurance for theft as well, no worries!

'If I choose the yearly rental service how do I arrange the delivery service? And how far do you deliver it too? 

Just send us an email to arrange a delivery of your board , a time and address and we will let meet you there, operating between the times of 8AM-8PM every day.


We operate the delivery service within 3 miles of Newquay, beyond that we charge 50p a mile. All details will be sent to you before to agree to delivery service. 

'If I want to give you guys a board to rent out, what happens if the customers dings it?'

We are fully insured to cover any damages caused by our clients so you will not need to pay anything for repairs. We take card details of the customer and will charge the repair fee to them, we also take photos before and after each rental to keep track.


'What if I want to surf my board that I've given on a particular day? 

Drop us a message and we will be in the office so you can come and collect it at any time , bring it back whenever you want! 

We will assess your board in terms of it's quality and value, if it is suitable, we will accept it into our collection. As we have four price categories, please contact us and we will send you our pricing list. 

'How much do you rent the boards out for and how much money can I make from renting out one of my own?'

'Do you pay me to keep my board at your office?'

No, we keep your  board at our secure premises until a customer rents it out. There is no cost to you and no cost to us until it gets rented. Better than just sitting at home, right?

'What if I rent a board and want to buy it ?' 

When we accept a board from an owner, we discuss whether they are willing to sell it and for what price. If the owner is happy to sell, then we can sell it to you immediately! 

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